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On paper, I had the best career. I was a reference in my field, I was financially set and I had recognition.
To the outside world, my professional and personal life seemed perfect. The truth is, it wasn't even close. I was unhappy, frustrated, dejected, but most of all... I was lost. In 2019, my 20-year career and life as I knew it, was over. However, that moment was my saving grace. A fresh start. A new beginning. A quest back to me. I embarked on a journey of self discovery. I was ready to do the work, seek my purpose and uncover my truest self. With that, I found happiness again. 

Like most people, life has thrown me some pretty heavy challenges. Struggling with anxiety disorder, infertility, bumps in my marriage and being depleted of my self confidence has taught me so much. Having to live with anxiety everyday without it controlling my life was a battle that I won because I decided it wasn't going to tear me down and take me out. Not receiving the gift of motherhood, something I had always wanted, became my reality which I needed to understand, forgive and move past. Bumps in the in my marriage were resolved by understanding, empathy and forgiveness. We came back stronger than ever. Leaving behind a 20-year career and identity to start over, accept change and see a bright future ahead was the only way forward.

I have struggled.

Although going back to school at 41 was daunting, it was the best decision I ever made.
I not only learned the craft of coaching, but I also learned to trust and love myself again.
I found my purpose, my path, my life's work.
Coaching is not something I do but it's who I am.
Teach, support and provide accountability is part of my practice everyday.
Coaching is the best form of self awareness, honesty with yourself, responsibility for your life and choice.

Through coaching, you are truly enlightened by the possibilities.
Through coaching, you learn practical tools for your everyday life.
Through coaching, you gain the confidence to do whatever you set your mind to.
Through coaching, you transform into a happier, more trusting and self loving YOU!

I did that for me and now I help clients achieve the same and much more.

Let's work towards your goals together.

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