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Failures as lessons.

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I gather no one wants to hear it. The truth about failure. 

It's hard to get past failures but it's even harder to admit they are your gateway to success.

We as humans are so afraid of the unknown that we would rather sulk in our comfort than do the kind of work it takes to admit, feel and moved past failure.

Most of us it's because it's something we've never done before and something we don't particularly enjoy.

#protip: That's where a mindset shift and perspective shift is imperative. If you understand and believe the outcome is beneficial, you will go through the hard parts. 

Admitting your part in failure doesn't lend itself well to the ego now does it?

We would rather pretend it didn't happen, or that there are no changes to be made (changes=discomfort, unknow, hard), and move on not learning anything to then probably making the same mistake in the future.

Why is that a better, easier plan? 

What if we start looking at failure as a lesson. Something that you were meant to learn as part of your evolution. 

But Sandra, why do we have to learn anything, why can't we just be?

In order for us humans to evolve in our quest towards the end of our lifetime, evolution is key. It keeps us sharp, excited, engaged, motivated and inspired. It's part of the human experience  - so why fight it?

The failure itself ALSO gives you the opportunity to understand that you can learn and apply anything to your life. You have to go through hard things to solidify that belief in yourself. That you are strong and resilient. 

Hard things are going to happen. If you choose to learn and grow from each failure, you succeed at life. You become a more seasoned human with things to offer yourself and people around you. You turn a failure into a success now having learned how to better handle, be, feel, manage whatever it is you failed at in the first place.

I have failed a ton. 

At one time or another, I have been a bossy manager, a silent friend, an absent daughter, a controlling partner. But all those instances, I learned WITH INTENTION. I intentionally took those experiences to discover what I wanted, how I can be different and why it mattered. 

Even the most DIFFICULT of times, I wouldn't change.


Make failures the lessons of your present and the successes of your future.

Coach Sandra



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