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Fear: The Crippling Emotion

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We all know the word because at some point in our lives, and maybe more often than we would like or care of admit, fear has crippled you in some way.

In some cases, like in mine for example, anxiety was my biggest expression of fear. And as much as fear is crippling, combined with anxiety, it's ten times worse. They go hand and hand and feed off each other, best friends really.

This dynamic duo has lived inside me since I was 23. Why 23? I've been trying to figure out what life changing event happened then and the only one thing I can think of is that year, I met my husband. My fear and anxiety is based on dying/getting hurt/being sick. When I met my husband, the fear of us being apart would cripple me. Aweeeee, romantic right? Not quite. 

The fact that I had to live with anxiety for so many years and the fears of myself or him dying or being sick was my own private living hell. That's how I can best describe it. I say private because I was very functional. I would suffer in silence. The worst kind, when you know nothing and no one can come to your rescue.

No one can rescue yourself from your mind but you. Someone can guide you in that healing but you need to make that decision for yourself. You need to believe deeply that fear is not greater than your well being. For many years, I thought it was impossible, to be well. I identified as a person with anxiety disorder. It was part of who I was and it was what is was. I would never detach from it. 

But then, I started working on myself and my wellbeing. I started understanding the way the mind works and how to manage it. I was committed and consistent. I was open to the idea that anxiety did not define me. That it was something I could get over. That it was a pattern of thinking I could reframe. 

If you are reading this, please hear me when I say: 

It's possible. You can live with very low or no anxiety. 



Fear is the reason you have anxiety. Fear is the catalyst that sends you into flight/flight/freeze. Fear is the culprit. 

Work on eliminating or minimizing your fears and see how incredibly different your life will be. 

In my podcast, episode 10, I talk about how to work on eliminating your fears.

Click on the podcast image to listen :)

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