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Achieving Happiness... is it even possible?

blog coaching dreams emotions goals growth happiness happy manifestation personalpower positivity truth Nov 09, 2021

A ton has been written, said, explored, pulled apart and put together on how to achieve happiness. 

Here is a definition for you:

Happiness is an emotional state characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment. While happiness has many different definitions, it is often described as involving positive emotions and life satisfaction.

Also important to note, it has been added that there are 3 main types of happiness, these being related to; pleasure, passion and purpose.

I can agree to this above. Describing it as best as we could, it makes sense. 

Pleasure can be associated with doing activities you love. Going to a hockey game, spending time with your kids, having sex ;) Easy.

Passion can be associated with creating things you love like cooking, writing, knitting (hey, whatever floats your boat). Straight forward.

Purpose.. now that is a tricky one. Finding and living your purpose can take years to know and understand for yourself. It can happen naturally at times but most of the time, it takes some looking within. Purpose can be associated with living the thing you love. Purpose is the main reason you live, act, are. It's your life goal and objective. 

See it this way.

Pleasure, degree of difficulty: EASY.

Passion, degree of difficulty: MODERATE.

Purpose, degree of difficulty: CHALLENGING. 

Where do you fare in these three categories in your life? Ask yourself these questions:

1 - Can you identify what is pleasurable? What your passionate about? What gives you purpose?

2 - Are you incorporating the things you identified in your life daily? weekly? never?

3 - Are you recognizing these moments of pleasure, passion and purpose in your life and giving it gratitude?

Answering these questions will lead you to understand why you are a generally happy person or not.

If you are a person who knows, do

es and recognizes the above in their life, then generally you tend to be an upbeat, positive human. Which factors into your overall joy factor. 

If you have reflected on the above and come to realize that you fare pretty low on knowing, doing and recognizing the above, the good news is, you can turn it around! *If you choose to of course*

So is achieving happiness possible? YES. Is it a work in progress? YES.

Is this work worth it? HECK YES.

You have one life, no matter how short or long, to live happy.

Why would you choose the alternative? 

Are there really hard moments? YES. Can you move through and past these moments? YES.

Is it worth the work? HECK YES.

But disclaimer! Achieving happiness can ONLY happen when you are completely true to your inner nature. If you get stuck chasing and chasing and never finding, this is a sign that you are not taping into your inner self. Work on going INSIDE and not looking on the OUTSIDE. The answers are always within you.

Coach Sandra

[email protected] / IG @sandrarinaldi 


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