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This is a personal post.

Here we are at the end of another eventful year.

I say eventful because no matter what happens, even when nothing happens, it is eventful. Things are always happening within us whether we choose to see it, feel it, be it or not. 


I learned so much this year.

Dealing with the pandemic as a recovering health anxiety sufferer for one. That was hard. But I sat with the times it consumed me. I let it scare me, I let it be hard, I let myself be frustrated and confused and angry at times. Then, I let it go. That cycle happened a few times. A case spike, a news story I happen to come across, a new variant were the triggers that would loop me right back to scared, frustrated, angry... I would sit with it, stay with it. Then, let it go.

See, I learned to not avoid the bad stuff. The bad stuff is part of the human experience. I sat with it. I stayed with it. I did the hard things. 

Doing the hard things is not easy but it's necessary to move towards the great things. Sometimes it takes a while to get there, but you do. 

That brings me to something else I learned. My patience still needs a ton of work. I am committed to it, but instant gratification is a hard habit to break! I want everything NOW. Success, my dinner, a reply. I came to truly understand that trusting the process is worth the wait. Understanding and believing is great but implementing it daily is a struggle. I have a feeling this one is going to be a long road for me. But like I mentioned, this is a unwavering commitment I made to myself of inching closer to that trust.

In that same vain, I also learned that the vision I hold for life doesn't always translate to others and that's ok. Not everyone is going to be ready for me, to receive my message, to hop on my bandwagon to freedom and love and light. I have to hold that space for myself, I have to lead and trust that whoever is ready will come with me. Again, patience and trust.

I continue to confirm how much investing in myself is the key to my personal and professional success. Working with mentors and coaches on my mindset, my fears, my limiting beliefs and so forth is everything. It keeps me moving towards my desires and keeps me at my best for everyone around me. I will forever be a student of life. And I love that so much.

As much as I learned, I celebrated this year.

I wrote and published my very first novel. IN-SA-NE. And it's good.. no its great. I am so proud of this accomplishment. It goes to prove I can do anything. Whatever I set my mind to and am aligned with, will happen. 

I had a steady stream of one on one clients the entire year. I helped so many people transform their beliefs about themselves and bring them towards a much happier and confident life. This is the work that drives me, that excites me. I am so grateful.

I invested thousands of dollars in my business that I know will allow me to have my best year yet. From courses to coaching. What a freaking blessing!

The relationships I have with my family and my husband have never been better. Creating boundaries, making time, being present and working on things like communication have benefited immensely.

How has your year been? What have you learned? What are you celebrating?

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This is going to be an important exercise to end the year with! See you inside :)

Coach Sandra








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