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Image if we would never lie. Not even once. In the world we live in today, it would be chaotic. In general, we wouldn't be able to handle 100% of the truth because we care way too much about what people think. We are constantly seeking love and acceptance from others therefore receiving a negative truthful opinion would destroy our soul one comment at a time. So, people lie. To be nice of course ;) 

But if you really think about it, what is the good in lying? 

If someone asks you if you like their haircut and you don't but you say you do, it makes the person feel good... validated. You feel like you did something kind. I can completely understand that and it makes sense in the world we live in today.

However, what if we humans didn't feel the need to receive validation from others and just genuinely accepted any compliment that comes your way.. in truth. No one would have to lie and you would be satisfied with your own validation. BONUS: real, honest compliments.  That would be such a freeing place to live, wouldn't it.

But, in all honesty, not everyone is self aware and cares about making that move towards self validation. Hopefully if you're reading this, you are one of the ones who do :)

See, when we think it's ok to lie, then we may create a habit. We may classify it as something we can and should do. Then, we may do it more and more and it spills over to all aspects of our lives and grows in size. Maybe. But it's a risk. A pricey one.

A consequence of this behavior is that we don't feel the need to seek the truth.

And, the most important truth of all, is the truth inside of you. What you feel, who you are, what you love and how you want to live. You conform to this dishonest way of being .. like most people.

I'm here to tell you, TRUTH matters. A TON. The meaning of your life depends on it. 

So how does lying to someone about their haircut and your life meaning connect?

Every time you lie about anything, you are going against your true nature. You weren't born deceitful, dishonest. You acquire these habits as part of your human experience.

Every time you go against your true nature, you drift farther away from your meaning and purpose. Something that was encoded into your DNA at birth is now buried deep.

This causes MISALIGNMENT.  You aren't in sync with what you were born to do and be.

A great example is someone who is gay but is avoiding the truth of being gay. They go through life pretending to like the opposite sex to please everyone around them and to comfort to social norm (because of fear, acceptance, love). What happens is they live a complete misaligned life full of unhappiness, sadness, depression, anger.. should I go on. If and once they decide to come out, they are FREE. It might cost them some relationships, some anxiety but ask any gay person: IT'S WORTH IT. Being jailed up inside is NO comparison to being able to freely live.

Maybe you are feeling like you are moving around in the world with no purpose, meaning, happiness? Maybe you are misaligned. Maybe you are NOT seeking the truth. Maybe it's time to evaluate that.

REAL TALK. Before setting you free, the truth will piss you off. It will make you uncover things you may be uncomfortable with and you might want to avoid it altogether BUT I encourage you to keep going because at the end of your truth journey: TRUE NATURE. TRUE SELF. ALIGNMENT. FREEDOM. 

So, seek the truth. Learn the hard lessons. Make the changes. Live the life you were always meant to live. You deserve that.

Coach Sandra



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