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blog coaching lifecoach limitingbeliefs Oct 12, 2021


We live our lives reaching, searching and leaning towards the words of affirmations of others. Without these words, we feel insufficient, not enough and sometimes worthless. 

When we put our worth in the hands of others, we set ourselves up for a life of yearning. 

Yearning for validation. Agony. Exhaustion. Sadness. Anger.

We cannot know or control others and their thoughts and yet we still yearn. 

Why are we so intently looking for others to validate our existence? Because of the core human beliefs of belonging and being loved.

These are core belief that have been imprinted into our DNA from generations before us. Like a computer, we are automatically born with this setting. But like a computer, we can change this setting at any time.

The truth is, we can still belong and be loved living out our truth. Like minded people will seek us out for it. We forget that part. In fact, we hardly pay anything attention to it. In order to live authentically, we need to understand and then believe that whoever is meant to be in our lives, will, because of our truth. That very thing is what makes everything align.

If you are currently living a life for others, meaning what they would want you to be, act, do, like, believe - then you aren't living YOUR life. When you stray away from your true nature, you stray away from everything that was meant for you in your lifetime. You are missing out on all the incredible things that were meant for you. 

So not only are you NOT creating a love for yourself and who you truly are but you are missing out on your true life path. True happiness. True Freedom. True Abundance.

I encourage you to leave the path of yearning for other's to validate your worth and work on confirming your own self-worth.

Who you truly are, IS ENOUGH.

Coach Sandra


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