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It's only when I started on my own personal growth journey that I discover how valuable what you tell yourself is. So valuable in fact that it imprints into your DNA. Repeating words over and over again, in your mind or out loud, causes them to seep into creating your beliefs. 

For instance, If you are constantly repeating to yourself:

I should have done better. I'm not good at that. I'm so stupid sometimes.

Then you will create the believe you aren't good enough. 

Your beliefs come from your thoughts that are made up of words. Is your mind blown? Something so simple yet so powerful.

The only way to really know what you are telling yourself is to pay attention. We have 35 000 thoughts a day, how are you supposed to be aware of all of it?

Well, that would be impossible!

However, you can be self aware in moments where you are feeling GREAT, or STRESSED, or OVERWHELMED etc. In those moments, go inside and see what you're telling yourself. When using good words, awesome! When using words that are damaging, PAUSE. REFRAME. 

I should have done better can reframe to What can I do next time?

I'm not good at that can reframe to I need more tools to learn this.

I'm so stupid sometimes can reframe to There are so many things to learn! It's impressive how much people know. 

These little changes can make a HUGE difference in the way you feel about yourself. The way you feel about yourself IS EVERYTHING. 

So worth paying a little more attention to the words?


Coach Sandra



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